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Car accidents can change your life and the lives of your loved ones in a split second. You need time to recover from injures. You have medical costs, motor vehicle repairs, lost wages and other related costs. Our clients often find themselves asking: “How do I begin to take care of all these matters?” and “Where do I start?” At MLG Injury Lawyers, our experienced personal injury and accident attorneys solve these problems in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, many motor vehicle accident victims try to handle their injury cases without the help of an experienced personal injury attorney and suffer because of it. They deal directly with the insurance companies of the liable parties under the assumption that an insurer will settle their case fairly and swiftly. The truth of the matter is simple. The insurance company of the opposing party in your case is not looking out for your best interest. This is why it is imperative to call an attorney from Las Vegas Injury Lawyers and injury attorney who will fight to protect your rights.

MOTORCYCLE accidents

At MLG Injury Lawyers , our personal injury and accident attorneys
understand that motorcycle riders have the right to travel the streets of our community with a certain expectation of safety.

When another driver’s negligent act causes you serious injuries while riding your motorcycle, MLG Injury Lawyers will protect your rightsand seek just compensation for your injuries. We will make sure that your motorcycle accident claim is handled properly and swiftly.

Truck accidents

Truck drivers are held to higher standards of safety on the road than car drivers and motorcyclists. At MLG Las Vegas Injury Lawyers , our personal injury and accident attorneys have the experience you need when it comes to dealing with major trucking companies and their insurance companies.

We know how to properly pursue your truck accident claim or lawsuit. What all of this means to you: We force the person, company or other entity responsible for causing your car, truck or motorcycle accident to pay for all your medical costs, recovery expenses and motor vehicle repairs.

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