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Make An Additional $10,000 with Medical Payment Coverage in Nevada!

May 8, 2019

In Nevada, your auto insurance carrier has no subrogation for payments made from your Medical Payment coverage. Why do you care? Because this could mean an extra $5,000 or $10,000 in your pocket! How? Consider this:

You are in an auto accident and need medical assistance. You call me, your Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney, and I help put you in touch with doctors who not only know how to treat your condition, but who know how to document your treatment to preserve your rights. At the end of your treatment, your medical bills are $10,000. Your case settles for $20,000. Out of this settlement, you have to pay your legal fees and medical bills and are left with around $4,000.

Now, consider if you have $10,000 in Med Pay available. In this scenario, your Med Pay pays all your medical bills, making your net settlement $14,000! Why? Because “no subrogation” means Med Pay cannot take what they pay from your settlement like your doctors and medical insurance can. In many states this is not the case, but the Nevada Supreme Court has consistently held that your auto insurance carrier CANNOT double dip, ie, they cannot charge you for Med Pay and then take back what they paid because you already paid for it through your premium.

LESSON: Do not listen to anyone who tells you NOT to purchase Med Pay because you have health insurance. There are many moving parts to a viable Personal Injury case and the attorneys here at MLG Injury Lawyers ensure your rights are preserved. But if you have sufficient Med Pay in place when you call us, we can always get you more money!

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